My vision and mission statement

We live in a rapidly changing world where sharp shifts in society and unforeseeable challenges are shaping the way that governments, organizations and individuals behave. To keep pace with this change and for sports federations to remain relevant, one must be willing to adapt and adopt, or risk being left behind.

For FIS to thrive and prosper into the future, it needs to be run based on modern and state-of-the-art governance, while continuing to embrace the advantages of a democratic, membership-driven institution. 

Drawing on my career as a former athlete and combined with my experience as a corporate executive and President of a leading NSA, I have defined the following four pillars as the bedrock of my Role as a FIS Council member.

  • Pillar 1: Foster a highly cohesive and united FIS;
  • Pillar 2: Enhance FIS’ governance and structures;
  • Pillar 3: Elevate our sport for both athletes and fans;
  • Pillar 4: Leverage the untapped commercial potential of FIS events.

These four pillars represent the necessary groundwork to more effectively strengthen our sport, enhance the experience for athletes and fans, and build a stronger institution in the process. One that functions for all, big or small.

Nordic Focus





The commitments in my vision are clear, credible and critical to building an even stronger and most resilient FIS family for all.

We need a FIS family that bears the hallmarks of unity, excellence and innovation to master the challenges we face.


Guri Knotten

Project Manager Candidacy Trondheim 2025

«The FIS needs new energy and a clear strategy for the future. The sport of skiing needs to be modernised by optimising our traditional approaches and bringing in new, innovative ideas. We need to create a strong community with a sense of belonging. Urs can bring both of these to the FIS.»

Hugo Wetzel

President of the 2017 alpine World Championships St. Moritz

«Urs Lehmann was a highly appreciated member of our organizing committee and we had a very close collaboration. During that five years I learnt about his great knowledge in international sports organizations, in sports communications and his know-how how to commercialize a big sports event like the alpine World Championships.»

Iouri Podladtchikov

Snowboard Olympic Champion

«We are yet to take full advantage of the development and marketing potential of the snowboarding and freeskiing disciplines, and we need to continue working on that.»

Sabrina Näf

Project responsible Migros Ski Day

«We need to attract even more children to winter sports. The Famigros Ski Day brings around 3,800 families with 8,800 children to the slopes.»

Viola Amherd

Federal Councillor and Sports Minister

«What you athletes and everyone else involved at Swiss-Ski have achieved over this past winter is simply terrific, with 13 different Swiss athletes achieving podium positions. It is this breadth of talent at the top that is once again proving that Swiss-Ski is a quality brand that we need to maintain.»

26.03.2021 | Schweizer Illustrierte

Michelle Gisin

Ski alpine Olympic champion

«The FIS should stand for sustainability even more than every other sports federation. We are directly affected by climate change. Urs is willing to redefine and rethink old structures»

Jean-Pierre Roy

President Fédération Haïtienne de Ski

«Small nations depend on the FIS. Urs stands for a FIS that allows our voice to be heard as well.»

Marco Odermatt

Ski alpine Olympic champion and World Cup Overall winner

«There are many areas in which we haven’t made enough progress in recent years, leaving us with plenty of room to improve. But we have to remain true to our four main disciplines and strike a balance in terms of the number of races.»